August 4, 2022

Whatever Happened To: Riner Buffalo Restaurant Still Moves To New Location, Owner Says | Local News

Hale and George’s friends with Virginia Tech contacts enlisted student help fencing new pasture, and supporters donated equipment and helped with the move.

“It was nothing short of a miracle,” Hale said.

But the property is smaller and Hale said she and George had to slaughter several bison for use in the restaurant, leaving the herd at around 20 animals, Hale said.

Prior to 2019, Hale said she was waiting for a restructured loan that would provide funds to complete construction and open the restaurant in the new location.

A GoFundMe account raised $ 5,535 from 60 donors in nine months, according to the fundraising page. It’s well under the $ 30,000 that Hale said she needed to get the expansion back on track. But she said in a recent interview that it was a big help.

The problems started in 2013, when Hale bought a brick building at 4040 Riner Road, across from its current location. She paid $ 134,000 for an old single-family home that had been used as a retail store called Traveling Treasures and hoped to convert it for around $ 45,000 into a restaurant that would double its capacity.

But in 2014, a contractual dispute with a builder over unfinished work at the new site led to a protracted civil lawsuit. Hale eventually lost the costume and, with the help of some of his clients, paid Make Rite Home Improvement’s Trevor Shamkin $ 2,718. Shamkin had sued for $ 25,000.