August 4, 2022

Watch Now: Introducing Iron Tail Tavern, a New Buffalo Restaurant on Elmwood | To eat

“The appetizer plates got so big,” Addario said. “I want people to try a lot without getting too full.”

A first menu of the “sharp phase” of the smooth opening of Iron Tail Tavern.

Courtesy of Iron Tail Tavern

Among the interesting items on Iron Tail’s first menu is the Fry Board, which features three different shapes of fries mixed on a board and then served with a choice of three sauces. A whipped blue cheese – remarkably different from what’s served with wings – and a Hayburner barbecue, with a richness infused with Big Ditch’s best-selling beer, were worth a try.

His more substantial articles jumped between cultures. Mexican flavors, developed during the Addario era in Denver, are present, with grilled corn pasta acting as a starter-sized version of Mexican street corn. It should stay on the menu until fall, Addario said. A Moroccan chicken dish – marinated in yogurt and grilled, and served with a mixed-textured grain salad – leans more Middle Eastern than Africa; poultry is far from bland.

For drinks, Iron Tail offers a small list of beers and wines, as well as cocktails, which are almost entirely prepared on site. The margaritas are outstanding – Addario plans to have at least one specialty margarita on the menu, with the watermelon-jalapeno variety in July and a selection of Logan berries on the menu last week.

TO COME UP: Addario teased more eclectic items that will be coming to the menu soon. The modern version of Iron Tail on Chicken Wings will feature candied chicken, a gastric Frank’s RedHot, and a smoky blue cheese. “Pasta and Meatballs” – a dessert, believe it or not – it’s cocoa fettuccine (with a dark brown tint), Nutella truffle meatballs, frozen Cool Whip shavings and a Strawberry coulis.