November 24, 2022

Viral video of the fight inside Buffalo restaurant has people questioning why a black customer was arrested, but not a white security guard

A five-minute Facebook video showing a tense altercation between a black man and a white security guard has people wondering why the black was the only one to be handcuffed.

The scramble game allegedly took place at a Tim Horton’s in downtown Buffalo on July 19, according to The Buffalo News. It is not known what sparked the argument, but a police report indicates that the anonymous security officer accused client Daryl Mingo of pushing and pushing him, leaving him with “substantial pain, swelling and bleeding in the area of ​​the mouth “.

At one point, the unnamed guard pushes the black client to the ground, knocking over the tables and chairs. (Facebook video screenshot)

Mingo, 53, has been charged with one count of third degree assault, as well as second degree trespassing and harassment offenses. However, the unidentified guard left without any charges.

The video, which has been shared over 9,000 times, shows Mingo and the security guard arguing near the restaurant’s pick-up counter. It is still not clear why the two were arguing.

“I want to see the owner,” Mingo is heard to say, to which the caretaker replies that the owner is not there.

“You don’t even work here! Mingo yells back. “Take your ass back to the hallway.” “

The two face each other as they continue to exchange words. At one point, the guard frantically waves his finger in Mingo’s face, saying he won’t leave until “[Mingo] get your ass out of here.

Their raucous confrontation escalates, as Mingo grazes the security guard’s arm to grab something off the counter. “Excuse me,” the customer said as he passed the guard, announcing that he was picking up his food. It was then that the security guard removed his arm.

“I’m going to knock you out,” Mingo exclaims, threatening to hit the guard if he gets his hands on him again. Moments later, the guard grabs Mingo by the shoulder and pushes him into several tables and chairs. He walks over to help the man up, saying, “You brought this to yourself, man.” Now pick up your things.

The assault only annoyed Mingo, who was ready to confront the guard in the middle of the restaurant after the two exchanged a few more words. Things seemed to calm down, but for only a second, as the couple began to jostle and punch each other.

“I’ll knock you out right away!” Put your hands on me, ”Mingo said before the guard slapped him in the face. Mingo retaliates, throwing punches here and there. The two end up backing down. However, it doesn’t take long before a Buffalo cop arrives and puts Mingo in handcuffs. He was quickly escorted out of the store.

“Always put the handcuffed brother first,” one Facebook user commented.

“Wow really, they just came in and took the black man… definitely,” another wrote.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood said on Monday that officers involved in the arrest only saw part of the video before arresting Mingo. Officers have since watched the full video and are now investigating the incident, he said.

Watch more in the video below.