September 28, 2022

Vine Bar: the South Shore is becoming an essential wine destination

Photos courtesy of Marisa Olsen

August 25, 2022 By Marisa Olsen

Hingham resident and Cohasset store owner Shannon Ewer and her team have launched Vine Bar, a new upscale wine bar on the South Shore. Ewer (alongside her husband Joseph) is the owner and wine enthusiast of Cohasset wine boutique, Barrel & Vine, which opened in 2018. Customers will also recognize Cohasset native Jenn Knowles, the knowledgeable sommelier and advanced level who has years of wine and hospitality expertise, and boasts excellent wine pairing suggestions. Most recently, Barrel & Vine won the 2022 Best of South Shore “Best Wine Shop” award, a fabulous nod to this luxury publishing women-run boutique and, of course, the residents and voters of the South Shore. And now, located in the heart of Scituate Harbor, Vine Bar is an ode to bites and sharing dishes, craft beer and cocktails, and of course, a whole host of wines, all small and varied. With husband and wife duo Joseph and Shannon Ewer as managing partners and owners; Jenn Knowles as Managing Director, Director of Wines and Managing Partner; and Aaron Corkhum as Executive Chef, guests will be in good hands for a fine selection of food, drink and enjoyment.

“We want to be part of the community, a gathering place full of friends where bellies and hearts are filled. Building relationships with our customers and having the opportunity to offer stories about the places and people who make the food, wine and beer we serve is the primary goal,” shares the Vine Bar team. With a focus on educating guests about the wines and winemakers of the world, guests will experience carefully selected foods and beverages.

Vine Bar opened its doors just a few weeks ago. The design of the space is elegant and thoughtful. A nod to the cosmopolitan French oyster bar, with two bars clad in gray-veined marble; and if you look closely, you’ll see hints of pink in the veins, which tie into the light pink bartop seats, a nice nod to the female-led team. Light and dark raw wood shiplap planks appear on the walls and under the bar top, juxtaposing glossy gray subway tiles. Black and brass globe light fixtures hang from the ceiling, along with an ultra-luxe spiny chandelier, which is a centerpiece in the back room. Driftwood and black cloud mirrors decorate the wall, as well as several pieces of brass net wall installation, which are filled with hand-shucked oysters, creating a beautiful gesture towards the sea a few meters away and towards the seafood-focused menu. In addition to the two bars, there are high tops, long banquettes, and table seating.

The drink menu is extensive, with dozens of options for sparkling, white, red, and multiple quantities: three-ounce, six-ounce, and bottle. For those who enjoy a curated tasting experience, Jenn informed us that in-flight tastings will soon be available. “We will ensure that each wine selected has been made with the greatest respect for the places where it is grown, by conscientious winegrowers, with attention paid to the environment that surrounds them… we want our wines to be true .”

The food menu is fun and divided into small sections: snacks and small bites; dips, bread and butter; “Seas of Cheese” and charcuterie; raw shellfish bar “She Saw”; and rotation of shares. “Our menu focuses on small plates for sharing, creatively constructed and using the highest quality ingredients that will be locally sourced and seasonal whenever possible,” notes the Vine Bar team.

We started with oysters from Duxbury and Cape Cod, and the summer squash and zucchini duo with shaved squash wrapped around Buffalo mozzarella, served with a sweet tarragon pesto and finished with crispy pancetta chips . (Pro tip: save the pesto for the ultimate dip in bread.)

Speaking of bread… for the carb lovers in your group, don’t miss the bread and butter section. Select a single, duo or trio portion of a thinly sliced ​​piece of baguette. Then choose your own adventure with a list of flavored butters or infused olive oils, like Honey Truffle Butter or Garlic Rosemary Oil.

If wine and cheese are your game, you’ll have a choice of three cheese and charcuterie sizes, with nifty names like “Little Guy” or “I Want it All…and I Want it Now.”

The seafood section includes oysters, shrimp, and the lobster slider duo with a warm, buttery roll and chilled lobster salad with mayonnaise. Lobster meat is caught by a local fishery a few miles off the coast of Scituate. We loved this setup and enjoyed not having to choose between hot and cold. We liked both!

Dishes to share include a fine grilled cheese, burnt ends of barbecued pork belly, and the Mediterranean lamb meatballs, which were delicious. The meatballs were made with feta, chickpeas, olives and red pepper. The thick tzatziki yogurt was the perfect tangy accompaniment to the sweet and savory meatballs.

We can’t wait to come back and get cozy at the bar, sample some global artisan wines and nibble on a charcuterie board alongside other tasty light bites.


vine bar
135 Front Street, Scituate, MA 02066
(781) 546-2766