August 4, 2022

The best places to eat near the TD Garden

Before heading to a concert or game, stock up on Mexican foods from a TV star chef, some of Boston’s best burgers, and more.

It’s officially season for the Celtics and Bruins again, which means many of us will be heading back to TD Garden for a game for the first time since before – well, you know. (We’re sick of saying that, too.) Between that and the return of concert times, we thought it might be helpful to remind you of what’s near and good for before and after meals at the venue in a neighborhood. which has experienced rapid redevelopment in recent years. From a new associate starred chef cocina to Detroit-style pizzas and a massive new food court, skate to these spots.

Preserved smoked scallops at Alcove. / Photo courtesy


Not that we need another reason to retreat to Alcove, a charming modern bastion of New England and Mediterranean coastal cuisine on the West End waterfront, but the recent addition of a raw bar doesn’t really hurt. This gives the talented chef hat Brian Paszko something new to play with: sustainable angled fish used for canned smoked scallop and crudo presentations – sweet chili dressed in hake, radish and black sesame, perhaps. Of course, that’s in addition to the dinner menu that already includes seafood dishes like roasted skate wing and ginger-soy glazed salmon.

50 Lovejoy Quay, Boston, 617-248-0050,

Bodega canal

Bodega Canal is an ambiance: an ambiance fueled by tequila, bottle service and DJs that spin throughout the night. Before the place starts to get too club-like, however, it’s a solid choice for pre-game with large, Mexican-friendly platters: order a bunch of tacos, filled with everything from blackened shrimp to short ribs, as well as ‘a Nachos Supreme tray, natch – and let your crew get to town before you get there.

57 Canal Street, Boston, 617-833-4885,

Photo courtesy of Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina

Tequila Cocina by Guy Fieri

If you prefer your Mexican-inspired meal with a little more power and frosty tips, make a straight line to Guy Fieri’s first and only one. still a few weeks, anyway—Boston restaurant. It’s all you want if you’re a fan of the culinary TV star, which means it’s filled with wacky, gooey appetizers, like Trash Can nachos, spilling out of a container. made of metal; some boldly flavored entrees, such as the whole fish with green salsa, chipotle cream and coleslaw and pickled red onion salad; pitchers of margaritas; and colorful decor that is suitably noisy for a Fieri establishment. Opened in partnership with Boston’s Big Night Entertainment Group, the cocina is attached to the Big Night Live concert hall, so it’s a particularly fun place to hit before a show.

110 Causeway Street, Boston, 617-896-5222,

Ramen at Momosan in Hub Hall. / Photo courtesy of Momosan

Hub room

Boston’s last food hall, which opened right next to the TD Garden this month, has a hell of a range. Inside you’ll find a Cusser’s store, which serves Boston’s best roast beef sandwich; APizza, Chef Mida Douglass Williams’ new destination for New Haven and Rome-inspired pies; and Momosan, Iron chief icon Masaharu Morimoto’s Boston debut with bowls of ramen, bar snacks and sake. Add in additional locations of favorite local channels like Smoke Shop BBQ and Greek Restaurant Greco, plus wine and juice bars, and more, and you have the recipe for the best food-hall lineup (at least until that High Street Place brings strong competition Next year).

80 Causeway Street, Boston, 617-263-8900,

Pizzas à la Detroit. / Photo courtesy of Night Shift Brewing

Night brewing

You’d be surprised if Boston’s best pizza was served just right. outside the Italian monuments of the North End. At Lovejoy Wharf in the West End, however, Night Shift cleverly surprised us with their Detroit-style pies: deep rectangular pizzas built by drizzling with sweet tomato sauce. High of cheese that reaches each edge very crisp. These are the highlights of the brasserie’s very tasty menu and perfect to accompany recent versions of Night Shift like Cranagram, a hazy IPA made from cranberries and oranges.

1 Lovejoy Pier, Boston, 617-456-7687,

Tasty Burger tater tots and cheeseburger

A Tasty Burger filling combo. / Photo by Wayne Chinnock

Tasty burger

More than a decade after its debut, this Boston mini-chain still makes some of the best burgers in town. This gorgonzola-covered patty, in particular, is among Tasty’s best mouth-watering options, as is the Rise ‘n’ Shine, an anytime breakfast burger with a fried egg and bacon, and the melted patty. , which replaces a traditional bun with toasted white. bread and add caramelized onions and cheese. The West End outpost at North Station won’t disappoint, and it also has all the best usual milkshakes to drink.

1 Nashua Street, Boston, 617-303-0800,

The Tip Tap Room

At the back of Beacon Hill, the Tip Tap Room is a short walk from the TD Garden, in the direction where fewer tourists seem to be traveling. This doesn’t mean that Chef Brian Poe’s gastropub will be quiet: in fact, the place gets quite busy and lively. But at least you’ll be more likely to avoid fanny packs outside of town in favor of frequenting locals, who come down after work for meat advice (including steak, turkey, and game specialties. ) and beer taps that flow along with a long list of craft beers from across the country.

138 Cambridge St., Boston, 857-350-3344,

Ward 8

Where is Ward 8? Right on the border between West End and North End, across from brother Tony & Elaine’s restaurant, which sells Italian-American fare from the latter quarter. On the west side of the street, however, Ward 8 is much more eclectic: spicy fried chicken sandwiches, sweet chili glazed duck wings, fried steak, and steamed pork belly buns are just the thing. some of the bases covered. The large central bar, meanwhile, does a good job keeping pace with the pre- and post-game crowds, and filling them with well-made negronis and sazeracs.

90 N Washington St., Boston, 617-823-4478,

West End Johnnie’s

The area around the TD Garden has changed a lot in recent years, with shiny new buildings pushing left and right. West End Johnnie’s is an old one at this point, its walls covered in sports memorabilia attesting to its heritage as a fan favorite of the Celtics and Bruins. As the local pub food wants, he backs you up with a delicious Buffalo Chicken Dip, plus a smoky barbecue burger, gouda-feta macaroni and more, plus a reggae brunch on Sundays when the shrimp in. coconut and Caribbean tunes arrive outside.

138 Portland Street, Boston, 617-227-1588,