September 28, 2022

Secret Service study of yoga class shooting shows misogyny | Lifestyles: Food, Home, Health

“Hate of women requires heightened attention from everyone,” said Steve Driscoll, research specialist at the center.

The shooter, Scott Paul Beierle, 40, committed suicide after opening fire on Hot Yoga Tallahassee, law enforcement officials said.

The case study highlighted the importance of speaking up when someone’s behavior is of concern and the need for community stakeholders – including residents, school officials, law enforcement order and business owners – to play a role in preventing violence.

“Time and time again, we see a tolerance for these objectively concerning behaviors,” said Dr Lina Alathari, head of the National Threat Assessment Center. “The goal is to identify and assess the behavior and intervene. It’s not about prosecution or criminalization.

The center is responsible for research, training and information sharing on the prevention of targeted violence. Alathari said the Florida yoga class shooting case study, which relied on publicly available documents and details, will be used to train communities on how to better spot warning signs. and to intervene before violence occurs.

A cursory look at Beierle’s story shows a man who “pursued higher education, served in the military, and held highly valued, trusted professional positions,” according to the study.