August 4, 2022

Scran episode 5: Descent to the Bison Farm with Steven Mitchell

Listen to episode five of Scran, the podcast that champions Scottish food and drink.

This week’s Scran takes a trip to Fife to learn more about Steven Mitchell’s Buffalo Farm, who appeared on the BBC’s This Farming Life.

In episode five, Rosalind Erskine, a Scottish host and food and drink writer, chats with Steven about the farm, where the Bothy was set up in Boglily, and how and why he decided to raising a herd of buffalo rather than more traditional cattle.

Steven also explains how he successfully funded his business to start a newspaper to produce Scotland’s first buffalo mozzarella, and he discusses the challenges of raising buffalo.

In addition, we meet the herd, including the main man – Heineken the bull.

Listen to episode five now:

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