September 28, 2022

Robyn Shares Her Take on Neneh Cherry’s ‘Buffalo Stance’ | News

Robyne shared his point of view Neneh Cherry’s ‘Buffalo Stance’.

The new cover is an intergenerational tribute between two formidable female artists, with Robyn providing a smooth, slow-paced version of Neneh Cherry’s international hit.

In his hands, “Buffalo Stance” becomes something chilling yet moving, with Dev Hynes assisting in production.

The original was of course a crossover moment between pop and rap, and Robyn recruits Mapei for new bars.

Neneh Cherry was among the first to hear the song and she was blown away by Robyn’s salute.

Neneh comments…

“I love being able to write an essay with everything I could say about Robyn and I love that she leaves me speechless at the same time. Her talent is moving because she leads with her heart and her mind, she is absolutely there, ever-present with honest intensity in his offerings that leave me whining with the hairs on my arms and legs standing up, dancing on my own talking to me with a feeling that everything will be fine.”

“The first time I saw Robyn living in Stockholm with my daughter Mabel (then a troubled teenager) she only said two things that night: ‘Hej Stockholm’ and in the middle of a song , she shouted “MABEL!” Mabel was so happy I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Robyn gave it her all and when she needed a pick up she ate a banana… she stole my heart .

“I’ve known Robyn for three decades, she’s my sister, my friend, my family, a creative inspiration. So to have Robyn doing her version of a new rendition of “Buffalo Stance” is an absolute honor…and along with Dev Hynes and Mapei, that’s what dreams are made of!

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Photo credit: Jürgen Teller

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