May 18, 2022

Popular Buffalo restaurant hosting an amazing holiday market

The holiday season officially kicks off next week and while online shopping has become extremely popular, there is nothing to replicate in-person shopping at local locations in western New York.

There are also some wonderful Holiday Markets that take place every holiday season around Buffalo, and if you’re looking for some great Christmas gifts for family and friends, there’s a brand new one that’s hosted by a popular new restaurant. in Buffalo.

You may have been to Mister Sizzle before. This is a relatively new burger restaurant located on Connecticut Street in the city of Buffalo, and their fantastic burger creations, milkshakes, and exceptional customer service.

They also care deeply about the local businesses around Buffalo and that is why they are having a Holiday Market next month, which will take place every weekend.

It is called “Be Local. Buy Local. Holiday Market” and will take place every weekend from December 4th, from 11 am to 5 pm. Located at 346 Connecticut Street in Buffalo.

Each day they will be showcasing new local businesses in the area, with all of their wonderful products that are perfect for Christmas gifts and decoration during the holiday season.

It’s such a cool event. Mister Sizzle’s has made such an impression on the Buffalo community, and helping these local retailers during the holiday shopping season certainly goes beyond what they are required to do.

Also check out their burgers if you haven’t already, because they are amazing.

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