November 24, 2022

Play your part in Buffalo Farm

Famous Fife farmer and BBC’s ‘This Farming Life’ star Steve Mitchell has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fulfill his ambition to provide Scotland with its very first home-produced buffalo mozzarella .

Steve, the sixth generation of the Mitchell family to operate a farm in Fife, has been raising a bison herd since 2005, supplying bison meat to Scottish foodies. But he wants to get into buffalo mozzarella and has set himself an ambitious crowdfunding target of £ 800,000 to build a manufacturing plant, milking parlor and slurry store. Investors can participate in one of three ways:

• Buffalo Farm Fan Club – walk in with the bricks with a donation of £ 100 and see your name on the walls of the new production facility;

• Buffalo Farm Founders Club – enjoy rewards equivalent in value to an annual return on investment of 10% paid in “Buffalo Farm” vouchers – but with a minimum investment of £ 1000;

• Buffalo Farm Founders Executive Club – receive rewards equivalent to a 12% annual return on investment paid in Buffalo Farm vouchers – minimum investment of £ 10,000.

Mr Mitchell said: “We run three butchers, an event catering business, our own bistro and we also supply an increasing number of hotels and restaurants and the reviews have always been fantastic. However, I’ve always felt that something was missing so now is the time to start this crowdfunding Founders Club so that we can give our customers access to their first smooth, creamy and deliciously Scottish mozzarella.

“My plans will create up to six new jobs and produce a delicious, quality product. There is currently a UK market of £ 79million and 12% year-on-year growth in the mozzarella market. So I firmly believe that Scotland needs a quality home-produced alternative to imported mozzarella.

“The funny thing is, if I had a pound for every time someone asked me if I would make mozzarella, I wouldn’t need to do any crowdfunding at all! But I need your help. We have a fantastic customer base and I would like these loyal fans, as well as new ones, to support the creation of another emerging Scottish premium product, head over to our website and participate today. We will make it worth it! ”