September 28, 2022

Pizza Wine Disco – blogTO

Pizza Wine Disco is a restaurant serving Italian dishes that turns into a full-fledged disco at night.

The concept for the space became a reality after two years of brainstorming and planning by co-owner Gurpreet Kailley and his five other partners.

Pizza Wine Disco brings a different kind of music to the King West scene, where you’d otherwise hear hip-hop, trap and other top 40 club tunes.

pizza wine disco torontoA DJ comes in to play mixes from Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, and ABBA, and more after 9:30 p.m.

pizza wine disco torontoYou won’t be able to stop yourself from following the music, whether you’re sitting in their luxurious large-scale bar or relaxing in the giant booths that line the interior of the restaurant.

pizza wine disco torontoThe coolest part of Pizza Wine Disco is the room of lights mimicking a disco dance floor, grab your friends and take pictures in the giant mirrors that make up the other half of the room.

pizza wine disco torontoAll of the dishes on the menu here are shareable and accessible, but don’t expect your bowl of pasta to taste like it came straight from Italy.

The wine list isn’t too complex either, but they do a good job of always serving high quality food and drink.

pizza wine disco torontoYou also have the option of getting bottle service, with the minimum price being $275 for a bottle of Ciroc.

pizza wine disco torontoLast Dance ($18.00) is a cocktail made with tequila, a mix of Cazadores Reposado, lemon, basil syrup, blood orange and club soda. Its taste and flavor are very light, and the rose garnish makes a good appearance on your Instagram story.

pizza wine disco torontoI would recommend the polenta bites ($15.00) to start your meal. These pieces of cornmeal are fried and stuffed with two types of cheese: fontina and mozzarella. Also, a small extra sprinkle of cheese is added to the green onions.

pizza wine disco torontoMoist and full of flavor, the bites are delicious when you dip them in the spicy mayonnaise that is served on the side of this dish.

pizza wine disco torontoFor mushroom lovers, the Fettuccine con Funghi ($25.00) will melt in your mouth. The noodles are covered in a vermouth butter sauce and tossed with roasted maitake and cremini mushrooms. A sprinkle of ricotta cheese and fresh oregano tops off this one.

pizza wine disco torontoThe pizza we tried was a little hard to eat with our hands, but it tasted really good. The Soppressata ($25.00) has a base of San Marzano tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella cheese.

A spicy soppressata decorates the rest of this pie, along with kalamata olives, pickled pearl onions and black pepper pecorino.

pizza wine disco torontoThe Boogie Nights cocktail ($18.00) was both smooth and refreshing. Amaretto is shaken with Ketel One vodka, then grapefruit and apricot syrup is added. The peach bitters also goes into the mix with a sprinkle of prosecco.

pizza wine disco torontoLook for the red Pizza Wine Disco signage outside the building which is between Niagara and Bathurst on King Street West.