September 28, 2022

Orange Buffalo food truck to move to Hoxton Bar & Kitchen later this month

The Orange Buffalo started in 2012 as a Brick Lane-based food truck, but owners Nick White and Mike So have since taken over the kitchen of Brighton’s pub The Joker and are soon announcing their first London-based franchise in collaboration with Franchise. Growth & Development.

Open on October 11, the new location will serve a number of items not available at the brand’s other stores, including a ‘bloody’ veggie burger, which includes a beetroot, button mushrooms, brown rice and an almond galette topped with Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, blue cheese vinaigrette and pickle.

The iconic Orange Buffalo chicken wings will also be available on the new site, which can be ordered with a choice of six house hot sauces in varying levels of spice, ranging from ‘original’ to Scotch bonnet and ‘woof wouf’. based on naga. Diners can also try the “Snake in a Basket” – a basket of quirky wings, with a super spicy “viper” wing hidden among them. The “anti venom” (a mini milk ice lolly) is provided for the guest who gets the spicy wing.

A selection of side dishes is also available, consisting of snacks such as fried fries; onion rings; and fried pickles.

All the dishes on the menu will be available for take-out and delivery.