August 4, 2022

New Dallas Restaurant Brings Handmade Chicken and Waffles to Deep Ellum

A new restaurant concept has arrived in Dallas, tailor-made for those on the go. Called Chick’nCone, it does something you never thought you wanted: it lets you eat chicken and waffles in an easy and convenient movable treat cone.

Their signature dish is a homemade waffle cone, filled with boneless fried chicken fillets, drizzled with the sauce of your choice, be it the Cinna-Maple signature, to come close to the full chicken and waffle experience, or the spicy Buffalo Blue.

And then let’s go, to savor your chicken & waffle experience without a fork, freed from the constraints of a table or a dining room.

Based in Lehigh Valley, Pa., Chick’nCone – and yes, that’s how it’s typed, with an apostrophe, a lowercase “n” and no space between the “n” and the Cone, which is for the less vexing – was founded in 2016 by Jonathan Almanzar and Josh Lanier, first as a food truck before becoming a quick and relaxed concept that can be franchised.

He made his Texas debut in Houston, then Austin, and now there are locations in Florida, California, Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado, as well as Toronto and Dubai.

The concept is brought to Dallas by Nate Walker and Yvonne Odimgbe, who just opened their first Deep Ellum location in the heart of the action at 2656 Main Street.

The couple both had pandemic-affected day jobs and were determined to release something positive on the other side.

“We also wanted to do something together,” says Odimgbe. “As this was our first business, we loved that Chick’nCone had a limited menu that would allow us to focus on its successful execution, and it sounded perfect.”

“It’s really appetizing, both in taste and in appearance,” she says. “It photographs well, it’s intriguing and it’s different.”

In addition to the chicken in the cone, the menu includes two other “chick’n” items: Chick’nTenders and a Chick’nSandwich.

Accompaniments include Cajun fries (Caj’nFries spelled), spicy Cajun corn (aka Caj’nCorn), and mac and cheese (Mac’nCheese, of course). There are also Waffle Crunch milkshakes, topped with a crispy candied waffle crust.

Having your chicken in a portable version is fast becoming a trend:

  • In February, a concept called Buttercup Chicken Tenders opened at Legacy Hall, Plano’s food hall, with offerings that can be served in a cup or cone.
  • In mid-October, Surfin ‘Chicken, a new Croatian chain known for serving chicken and chips in unique portable packaging, opened its first U.S. location in the Dallas area at a Mesquite Walmart.

The message is clear: people don’t just want their chicken fillets, they want them on the mobile.