January 14, 2022

New Buffalo Bills stadium comes with a $ 1.4 billion price tag

The Buffalo Bills are currently the best team in the AFC, maybe even the NFL, according to some. The only thing the Bills want is a new home. As reported on 104.5 The Team, over the past few months, the Buffalo NFL franchise has negotiated with New York State and Erie County over who will pay for how much of the new facility and how much will be taken from taxpayers.

On Tuesday, the office of New York Governor Kathy Hochul released a report from AECOM Engineering Company, of Los Angelas, Calif. According to reports from the Poughkeepsie Journal in an article by Jon Campbell, a “new Buffalo Bills stadium would cost around $ 1.4 billion to build on the team’s current site in Orchard Park and at least $ 350 million more. if it was built in downtown Buffalo “.

The article stated that “the cost of renovating Highmark Stadium, the Bills’ current home, would be around $ 862 million, by far the cheapest of the options AECOM assessed. However, the report recommends building a new stadium instead of renovating the current one, noting that a new stadium would typically last 30 years or more while a renovated stadium would typically last 10-15. Report estimates are based on a stadium with a capacity of 60 000 with at least 60 private suites and 60 lodges, totaling approximately 1.4 million square feet in total.

I was surprised by the number of 60,000 seats. That would equate it with the smaller stadium in the NFL, Soldier Field in Chicago. The Bears want to come out because they want more seats and the Bills are building a new stadium that should be their new home for the next 30 years with the smallest capacity in the league? Something is wrong there. Either there will be “extra costs” to increase capacity later, or Buffalo Bills fans can expect to be robbed for tickets.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul grew up in Buffalo. She’s a longtime Bills fan and knows the importance of the NFL franchise not just to Buffalo but to the entire western New York area. This is a big deal. The Pegula family don’t want to move the team, but money is money. If New York and Erie County don’t step up their efforts, the Bills could find a city that offers them a lot more than they’re asking for now. At the same time, the Pegulas must do justice to their tax-paying fans.

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