September 28, 2022

‘Love Pendant Lockup’ Season 1: A full cast preview of WE tv’s reality show

WE tv is set to release another gripping ‘Love Pendant Lockup’ series that documents couples through the early stages of love when a partner is behind bars.

‘Love During Lockdown’ is the third edition of the Lockup franchise and will follow more compelling premieres through the early stages of love, with more romance, suspicion and investigation, long before the release of a programmed prison. The series will also show couples tackling challenges and obstacles together. You can also check out the other editions of Lockup Franchise titled “Love After Lockup” and “Life After Lockup”.


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If you are curious about the featured cast of “Love Pendant Lockup” then read on.


Haley and Dalton

Haley and Dalton are based in Highland Village, Texas. The couple have been together for eight and a half months. Haley waits for a big proposal and rings the bell once he’s out. Haley is a single mom who works six days a week cleaning houses to earn money for her family and she also got a car accident settlement. Sadly, Dalton also has issues with jealousy and doesn’t like the idea of ​​Haley and her ex-Jarrett co-parenting their 6-year-old son, Hendrix.

Indie and Harry

Indie and Harry are both from Beltsville, Maryland. Indie found Harry one day while she was scrolling on tik-tok and she found him extremely attractive. She also dreamed about him that night and decided to pursue him. However, Indie’s mother began to investigate Harry and used all of her power to prove that he is nothing more than a criminal. Indie took advice from a trusted psychic to see what would be good for her and what she should do next in her life. After consultation, she moved to Ohio and is waiting for Harry to be released.

Santiba and Talsey

Santiba and Talsey are from Portland, ME. Santiba recently divorced her husband and after spending a hundred pounds she won the man of her dreams, Talsey. The two met online and hit it off. Talsey, who has spent nearly a decade behind bars, plans to move to Georgia from Maine with Santiba and live happily together.

Gabrielle and Christophe

Gabrielle and Chris are from Orange, New Jersey. They both met through Gabrielle’s cousin’s incarcerated boyfriend and started to feel for each other. Christopher plans to bring Gabrielle exclusive gifts like a house, a BMW and a $ 5,000 engagement ring. Meanwhile, the two families try to confront them regarding all of these things. Gabrielle’s mother calls her a “maneater” because of her many failed engagements.


Max lives in Washington, DC. Max graduated in biochemistry from Georgetown University. He dated models and fashion influencers. Max is also selling hot content for a premium price on his account. Max worries that his roommate Aless wants to have a relationship when Max thinks about cutting her off before she gets the wrong clues.


Tai is originally from Buffalo, New York. Her passion for forensics led her to a career as an undertaker and led her to date inmates. Tai always keeps a paper shoebox containing an updated diary of her multiple detainees, their cases, and details pertaining to their sentences and their lives. His interest in inmates resulted in four failed relationships.

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