September 28, 2022

Letter: Williamsville Teaches Us to Ignore Warrants, Laws | Letters

For my part, I applaud the Williamsville Village Board’s pro-freedom resolution against state and county health mandates. But this position only makes sense if they identify and root out other sources of tyranny. For example, the state requires “speed limits” and “traffic lights” along Main Street in Williamsville. It infringes on my right to drive as fast as I want – ideally around 70 mph. Other people can choose to get out of my way or not; we don’t need laws for that.

Also, the state apparently won’t let me smoke indoors in public. I don’t smoke yet, but if I start, the village should allow me to ignore this law too, so I can smoke wherever I want – bars, restaurants, places of worship, retirement homes or kindergartens. Other people can mask up if they don’t want my secondhand smoke.

Finally, let’s not forget the self-imposed forms of tyranny: the village itself forces us to shovel our sidewalks when it snows. It hardly seems in keeping with the board’s refreshing new embrace of freedom. If people don’t like the snow I left there, they are asked to stay home. Who defends my right to sleep rather than shovel?

In short, I am grateful to the mayor and the board for standing up for individual rights. I hope they won’t stop defending these rights until they come to the only logical and inevitable conclusion: endangering everyone.