August 4, 2022

Legends of the Patriots make a habit of tearing up the current squad and can’t say I hate them

In his seminal 1776 work, “The American Crisis”, Thomas Paine wrote: “These are the times that test the souls of men: the summer soldier and the patriot of the sun, in this crisis, will shrink from the service of his country; but he who stands to this day deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. ”

And at 2-4, already two games behind Buffalo in the division and a bunch of teams for Wild Card spots with 11 games to go, the current Patriots are also in crisis. At least by their standards, where a one-and-done in the playoffs is a disaster and 7-9 is a calamity. These Pats have long established that they are up against themselves, not other franchises, of which Very Good is not good enough in New England.

And while Paine went out of his way to offer love and thanks to the man and woman who support the institution he held dear at the time, the 2021 Patriots only take one ration. crap six weeks after the start of the season. Most importantly from some of the very people who built this empire. Yesterday I mentioned Julian Edelman on his new gig “Inside the NFL” by ripping them up a new one:

“[The Cowboys] hit the road in Foxboro, a notoriously difficult place to play. At the moment, this is not the case. … The Patriots just aren’t the Patriots right now, and it pains me to say that. It’s not the Patriots. We’re so used to seeing the last 20 years – and I know there are different players, and this, that, but there’s always a bunch of guys out there who know how they should play. They have to start playing football without mistakes. They’ve had a handful of games this year where if they would have gone their way, if they would have taken care of the football, if they didn’t get two blocked punts – that hasn’t been done since 1993 [in New England], if they hadn’t threw an interception, if the linemen hadn’t let the quarterback have guys running towards him for free…. I’m getting away from it all a bit right now.

But before him it was Ty Law on WEEI’s Greg Hill Show expressing the same feelings:

“I’m really upset by what’s going on,” Law said. “Because you don’t let people come in and step on you, throw the ball like that when they want to.” I mean, it’s shameful.

Law would like to see the entire defense rebuilt.

“The defense, they have to step up,” Law said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen this offseason. I can tell you right away, if I had a vote we would go first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth round – we all get defensive guys and we’re going to have wide receivers and run back to agency. free because something has to give in with the defense.

And before him, it was Rodney Harrison with Merloni and Fauria after the Tampa game:

“I like these [linebackers] and i have so much respect for these guys, but yeah they’re slow. When you start watching LaVonte David you start watching Devin White move and blitz and go from side to side line to side, that’s the difference between day and night. And that’s what really stood out to me. I’m like, ‘Look how fast and athletic the Tampa Bay linebackers are.’ And Patriots linebackers, the defense just seems slow. It’s always kind of like that, and it starts with these backers, man. “

Now you might think this is a violation of football etiquette. The former players dragging the team that gave them success and fame are unheard of. Especially when the man who was in charge when they were there is still in charge now. This would be seen as a shocking act of disloyalty and bulletin board food in any other franchise.

But like I’ve always said, the Dynasty Patriots are not just another franchise.

That makes three legends. Such a good slot receiver, rear corner and solid security than they’ve ever had. With eight rings between them. So when they speak, everyone should listen. Bill Belichick helped make these guys into champions, but he wants to make a good “motherfucker” when a “motherfucker” is justified. He said it himself.

More precisely, he wants his players to “fuck” because here it is “the men who cannot bear to be” fucked “do not need to apply”. That goes for members of the Three Ring Club, like Devin McCourty when his defense needs to ramp up, and Dont’a Hightower when his linebacker body seems sluggish. Holy cows make the best burger.

So of course that goes for all the younger and newer guys. Especially for them. You have to let them know what came before them. The high ideals that were established when Ty Law got a Super Bowl Pick-6 while in childbirth, which they must uphold. It’s not like when Dennis Reynolds returned to Alpha Omega Alpha, just to find out that no one knows who he is and they’re all just savages and idiots with no respect for him:

These three men are heirlooms. Members of an old and honorable benevolent order who have a lifetime key in the club that will never be canceled. Think of a secret society that was established by men of great renown who shaped the society and whose proud tradition must be upheld.

And I firmly believe that these comments will do the current team good. For young people who are committed to entering fraternity, know that with this opportunity comes great expectations. Men like Mac Jones, Christian Barmore, Josh Uche, Kyle Dugger, Chase Winovich, Jakobi Meyers. They need to hear how 2-4 is unacceptable and that being good will never be good enough. This is how you keep your legacy and the dynasty you built and sustained alive.

So yes, it belongs to the bulletin board. To inspire, but in a good way. And the best way to stop the negativity of the Pats of the past is to start winning and never stop. So thank you to these grown-ups for setting the bar so high.

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