November 24, 2022



Man, what a heart attack of a football game. Another game that seemed to belong to the Ravens seemed to elude them. The Ravens were up 10-0 and in full control when Lamar threw a pick he rarely throws. He threw his fair share of picks, but they’re usually off his back foot under pressure or he doesn’t see a linebacker in short coverage and throws a dart straight to the wrong guy. It was the one where he had a clean pocket and a guy opened it up and flew it to him right away.

From there, the Bengals took to the field and scored a tuddy to immediately get back into the game.

The next time Lamar gets the ball back, he had a man on the court for 6 not once, but twice on the same set of downs and sent them flying as well. Just a mind-boggling chain of events that could have made the Ravens more in control of this game. The next thing we knew was that the game was tied at half time.

It really was anyone’s game in the 2nd half. We took control on a 58-yard BOMB from JT, a kick most coaches are terrified of trying in a mid-3rd draw. It’s just the JT effect.

Where this game really became a heart-breaking episode was when the Ravens were up 13-10 with about 9 minutes left and a 4th-and-1 inside the Bengals 5. It’s such a foolproof situation, but the Ravens have had a ton of these types of moments in the last twelve or so games and the football gods have been spitting in their faces. Harbs faced so much heat last week for taking the shot in the rain against Buffalo and it backfired. This one was obvious to me and he took the easy way out. He almost came back to bite him after the Bengals took to the field and took the lead…an extra point that almost killed me.

Fortunately, we have Lamar Jackson and Justin Tucker. It’s such a weapon to know that you just had Lamar’s legs in this type of scenario. You try to preserve it and not open it to too many hits throughout a game, but there is a time and a place to completely unleash Lamar and that’s what we did in this last disc. Lamar was getting yards EASILY against a Bengals defense that expected a typical 2-minute offense. A big shout out to Greg Roman and the staff for not locking themselves into the idea that they had to make their way onto the pitch there. We used Andrews early on and Lamar took it up to the Tucker lineup.

The rest is history. That kick from JT was so pure. Couldn’t have been more right in the middle. I don’t know why anyone would expect anything different.

Huge win to give us control of AFC North and get some revenge against our top competitor. We will consider this one as a turning point in our season. It’s like it’s been forever since we’ve eliminated a loved one. Heartbreak after heartbreak made me forget what it looks like. It’s fucking awesome. I was even able to delete my blog draft “The Baltimore Ravens Are Going To Be The Death Of Me” that I started after XP flew over the amount.

Headed to Jersey to face a fiery Giants team. Wink awaits you. LFG!!!!!