August 4, 2022

First Look: Historic Buffalo Restaurant & Bar Opens In Conjunction With Westbound & Down Brewing

The Buffalo Restaurant & Bar closed in October 2014 for what was to be a five-month renovation project. But more than a year passed before the historic Idaho Springs waterhole reopened in December 2015. While the original bar, built in Chicago in the 1880s, still remains a centerpiece of the hotel. space, new beers are served in its antique wood. surface: The Buffalo has teamed up with the Westbound & Down Brewing Company next door to deliver a modern take on a classic Colorado bar experience. The Buffalo and the Westbound & Down are interconnected so guests can spread out however they see fit.

Four brewery beers are served on draft, in addition to six guest beers from other Colorado breweries. The menu offers standard fare like burgers, chewy pretzels, and buffalo chili, but a few modern touches have been added: hot Nashville chicken, andouille sausage okra, and a homemade veggie burger complete the list.

The Buffalo is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm While the quaint saloon has always offered a great excuse to get out of the weekend traffic jams on I-70 for the more relaxed pace of the old town mining, there is now twice the reason for a shutdown. For more photos of the bar and brasserie, check out our full slideshow.