August 4, 2022

Early Voting Results in Totals Below Expectations Despite Mayoral Race | Buffalo Politics News

“Today we will be over 14,000 for the early voting, and that is significantly more than in the primary,” he said, referring to the counts in the city, noting that the totals are approaching the 50% of the figures reported in 2020, a presidential year. The years of presidential elections traditionally result in the highest turnout.

Just three days away from one of the most intense mayoral races in Buffalo history, India Walton and Byron Brown took to the streets on Saturday to shake hands, distribute candy and persuade all undecided voters to join them.

“We think it’s pretty good,” he said, noting that many voters on early sites were asking for his “Write Down Byron Brown” stamps to use in his writing effort.

Walton’s campaign made no comment except to note that volunteers would show up with Walton signs at various early voting locations across town.

Zellner, who is also chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party and a Walton supporter, said South Buffalo voters at Tosh Collins Senior Center continue to have the highest turnout to date, with around 2 700. This compares to approximately 1,900 at the Delevan-Grider Community Center on the East Side, 1,600 at the Theodore Roosevelt inaugural site on Delaware Avenue, and 2,200 at the North Buffalo Community Center.

“South Buffalo still has the highest turnout in the city,” Zellner said.

While no one makes predictions, South Buffalo is set to become a Brown Stronghold due to its high concentration of police, firefighters and other city workers reportedly in its camp.