November 24, 2022

Can you guess which Buffalo restaurant ranked among Yelp’s Top 100 Best Places to Eat in the United States?

Photo courtesy of Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs

After receiving thousands of suggestions for the best places to eat in the United States from the Yelp community, Yelp has created an impressive list of 100 of the most recommended places!

If you live in Buffalo, you know we have the merchandise, so it’s no surprise that a Buffalo restaurant is on this honorable list – but WHICH ONE? There are so many good ones out there, but only one made Yelp’s list of the best places to eat in 2021.


Frankly we thought it was a fantastic choice.

Congratulations to Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs! They ranked # 75 on the list and were one of the FOUR New York State restaurants on the list. Truly an incredible spotlight for them at the national level, especially after their victory in the small business competition in December 2020 for the prize of $ 50,000!

It has certainly been a good year for Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs. Celebrate with them by heading to their restaurant on Kenmore Ave and buying yourself one of their famous hot dogs.


Check out Yelp’s full list of Top 100 Best Places to Eat in America and click here to learn more about Frank Gourmet Hot Dog’s victory in the Small Business Contest.

Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs

707 Kenmore Ave Buffalo, New York 14223 • $

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Northern cities

Quick casual / counter service

Frustrated that he couldn’t get a quality hot dog with more than traditional elements of ketchup and mustard, Frank persuaded his brother, Paul, to …