August 4, 2022

Can the Buffalo Bills wear these peacekeepers? [PHOTO]

I started watching the Buffalo Bills around 2000, which is a pretty horrible time to have started watching the team: the start of the 17-year playoff drought and missing the ’90s. am barely old enough to remember a time when the Bills wore their classic red helmets.

The white helmets the Bills are currently wearing are amazing and I feel like the fans love them, but there is a large percentage of fans who would like the Bills to go back to wearing the red helmets.

You also have the stand-up buffalo helmet returns that they wore from the mid to late 2000s. It was pretty impressive, even though the team weren’t very good at the time.

But what about the peacekeepers? I mean, the color scheme involves blue, so why not? There are special speed helmet replicas that involve a blue base with the classic racing buffalo logo, and it looks amazing.

I guess that will probably never happen. Red helmets are likely making a comeback soon, as the NFL will start allowing teams to wear more than one helmet next year, but wouldn’t it be cool to wear that helmet for game day? The red mask is what makes it if you ask me.

The Bills next face the Miami Dolphins at Highmark Stadium on October 31. They have the bye this week, so players will have some free time before they start their November and December games.

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