August 4, 2022

Bus owner sets up bison farm in Kasaragod to overcome foreclosure crisis | Bison farm | bison breeding | cattle breeding | breeding

Kasaragod: originally from Madikkai Kanjirappoyil, MI Najeeb was the owner of the “Galaxy” bus traveling to Kanhangad Neeleshwaram – Kalichanadukkam. But after the COVID lockdown was imposed, bus services were shut down. He had 4 tourist buses and they were also left in a garage. He struggled to pay his taxes and make ends meet. With this, Najeeb sold the scheduled bus.

When he had no idea of ​​the future, Najeeb thought of raising cattle. Since bison farming was more profitable, he decided to give it a try. With his twin brothers Irfan and Irshad and his father Ibrahim, Najeeb started bison herding as a new career.

First of all, they raised native buffaloes imported from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Later, they brought Murrah, the best breed among buffaloes, from Haryana. Currently, they have around 50 buffaloes on their farm.

“When we don’t have a bus service either, we have to pay taxes. When the service is in progress, we should find the fuel expenses. But buffaloes only need grass and water, ”revealed Najeeb the secret behind switching to this quarry.

Initially, Najeeb used to breed buffaloes on his land himself. Later, the number of buffaloes increased and he established a farm near Kalichanadukkam. Najeeb’s father, Ibrahim, said people from different districts come to their farm to buy buffaloes. The family is relieved that the bison farm is progressing profitably.