August 4, 2022

Burraduc Buffalo Farm Wins Congratulations on Delicious Mozzarella | Great Lakes Defender

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Buffaloes are strong-willed creatures – they don’t like to be pushed. Even when scared, dairy cows can be pushed into the milking mat. The same cannot be said of the bison. “They’ll take little of it, then they’ll turn on you if you’re unfair or push them too hard,” Elena Swegen, owner of Bungwahl-based Burraduc Buffalo Farm. “They can pierce anything. You can’t contain a buffalo if it doesn’t want to be there, ”Elena said. “So you have to have a good relationship with them rather than trying to push them. The buffaloes of Swegen gladly come to be milked. They like it. Sometimes she has a hard time getting them out of the dairy. To get the buffalo on her side, Elena does things differently from most traditional dairy farmers. It does not separate calves from their mothers. “This means we don’t bother the mothers and we don’t have to try and bottle the baby buffalo,” she says. With regard to dairy cows, calves will be very happy to bottle-feed from the second day. Buffalo, on the other hand, will often refuse. “We are happy to share the milk with the babies because we don’t have to bottle-feed them, they grow much better and the mothers come to the dairy happily in the afternoon. Elena says it’s about having a partnership with the buffalo, rather than exploiting it. This style of ethical farming has even attracted vegan customers. The merry Swegen buffalo, which grazes the lush, nutrient-rich pastures of Burraduc, produces exceptional milk, which it transforms into buffalo mozzarella and scamorza (a drier, more salty version of mozzarella), pot of plain yogurt with whole cream, docenina, fetta, pure whey ricotta and clarified buffalo butter. Its buffalo mozzarella was the state winner at the 2018 Delicious Product Awards, a huge accolade for outstanding Australian producers. Elena traveled to southern Italy to learn the art of making fresh buffalo mozzarella. “I had to be confident that my handmade mozzarella was as close as possible to the authentic Campana product,” she said. Elena describes how buffalo farms around Naples sell hundreds of kilograms of freshly made mozzarella every morning in farm shops. “Real fresh buffalo mozzarella is a big addiction in Italy, especially in the south. »His customers of Italian origin are very moved by his mozzarella and his scamorza. “An Italian lady was almost crying when she found out that the mozzarella was exactly like the one her mother was buying back in Naples.” Australian customers share the passion for the product. “It was amazing, we had so many messages, emails and phone calls from the first customers who took the time to tell us how they felt upon discovering new flavors of buffalo milk, and how the freshness reminded them of their childhood and how much they appreciated our way of cultivating, ”she recalls. The freshness and the specific flavors of its products attribute the quality and richness of the milk that its buffalo can produce in the high rainfall climate of the Great Lakes. His job is to handle and transform the milk without much intervention; by transforming it into cheese without artificial aids or preservatives. The result is flavors that simply can’t be found in the heavily processed products on supermarket shelves. Restaurants incorporating Burraduc products into their menus include Moor and Lizotte’s in Newcastle and Moby’s Beachside Retreat at Boomerang Beach. Elena’s vision includes educational farm visits and connecting people to the principles of organic farming and the importance of biodiversity and coexistence with wildlife, including predators. Farm tours are part of the Great Lakes Food Trail ( This article originally appeared in the Newcastle Herald.