August 4, 2022

Buffalo Restaurant Owners Helping Local Businesses Get Through COVID-19 Pandemic With Plexiglass Barriers

The owners of Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill are using their handmade plexiglass barriers to help maximize business for others due to COVID-19.

BUFFALO, NY – Neighbors helping neighbors, what better time for good deeds than during a pandemic?

For many industries, the struggle to stay afloat over the past seven months has been just that, a struggle. Owners and managers in all industries have had to be creative in finding ways to generate as much income as possible, in the safest way possible.

Aaron and Hillary Collura own Sidelines Sports & Grill in downtown Buffalo and say that as soon as they could seat people inside, they were on a mission to figure out how they could make the most of their space profitably. within the framework of the regulations.

This is how they came up with the idea of ​​creating more space by making hand-made plexiglass barriers that are easy to move, but weighted to keep them in place. The gates also meet CDC and state guidelines so customers don’t have to worry.

“These are not mask replacements or social distancing, these are additional measures that have helped us get more business and the feedback from our customers is what kept us going,” said Hillary Collura.

According to New York State’s reopening guidelines for the restaurant industry, “Wherever distance is not possible between tables, physical barriers should be put in place between those tables. Gates should be at least 5 feet high and not block emergencies and / or fires. exits.”

“Originally we had wooden sticks that were placed on the bar to keep 6 feet between them,” Hillary Collura said. “But when we saw that we could only accommodate four or five guests at the bar using these sticks, we had to figure out how to get more people in here and do it safely.”

Through word of mouth, friends in the local industry and even competitors started calling asking for a few. Now there are at least 15 different businesses in the area now using Collura’s creation – the Curtiss Hotel is just one of them.

A hotel guest told 2 On Your Side: “What they have done here and in other places that we have frequented is that people feel comfortable again, that this either because of the distance or by putting these barriers “.

Hillary Collura says the demand is increasing, especially with winter approaching and that they are happy to help.

“We want to see other people do well, we want to see other people survive,” says Hillary Collura. “Because if others are successful, so are we. “