November 24, 2022

Buffalo Farm takes a look at Farmers’ Market legislation

BUFFALO, NY – There are currently 400 Farmer’s Markets in New York State, and new legislation crossing the State Senate aims to facilitate the creation of new ones.

What would you like to know

  • Senate Bill S2199 Aims To Expand Farmers Markets Across The State
  • WNY has approximately 400 farmers markets that offer fresh, locally grown produce to the community
  • Flat 12 Mushroom Farm in Buffalo believes this is important to farmers and the community

“It’s not like we don’t already have a really strong network of farmers’ markets, so in the city of Buffalo I’m not sure that makes a big difference, in western New York in general. I’m not sure it makes a big difference, in places that don’t it does, ”said Robert Gianadda of Flat 12 Mushroom Farm in Buffalo.

Gianadda said it is important for farmers to sell directly to consumers to cut out middlemen and interact with their community.

“You meet the people who cook your food. It is much harder to sell someone something that is not healthy or done in a way that you know is not good,” a- he said, adding that all the mushrooms in Flat 12 are made with organic products and all waste is compostable.

“We’re basically telling you what we’re growing up on, there’s nothing hidden behind it. All of our processes are wide open, they’re right here in the kitchen behind you,” he said.

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