November 24, 2022

Buffalo farm in Kajang examined for sewage discharge

A BUFFALO ranch in Kampung Sungai Kembung, Kajang, feels heat from authorities and villagers for allegedly dumping cattle sewage into the Beranang River.

This came to light after Air Selangor’s head of water quality and laboratory services Abdul Karim Endut posted on social media a video of blackish water pouring into the river.

In his post, Abdul Karim said that high levels of ammonia had been detected.

He also wrote that the Selangor (Luas) Water Management Authority carried out earthworks to block the flow of water from a nearby pond the day after the water test.

The initial concern was that the pollution would flow downstream from the Beranang River to the Semenyih River, a water source for the Semenyih Dam.

The place where the ranch owner stands on the right was once the edge of the pond.

But after a second round of testing, Luas Senior Deputy Director Nor Zamri Sondor confirmed that the current levels of ammonia coming from the pond had been diluted and would not affect the water quality.

“The water is slightly gray but the ammonia levels are up to compliance standards,” said Nor Zamri.

Alerted by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technologies and Water (KeTTHA), StarMetro visited the area and found two vegetable farms as well as a sand mining operation in the same area as the buffalo farm.

There were also signs of illegal dumping as seen from the garbage piles not far from the bank of the Beranang River.

Muhammad Fauzi Ahmad, who introduced himself as a site supervisor of the state-owned sand mining operations, said the dumpsters usually came after the sand mining operation was completed for the daytime.

When asked if these activities would have contributed to the contamination, Luas said he had not received any complaints against sand mining or vegetable farms.

But since June 2016, he has issued no less than five notices to the bison ranch.

The first opinion was issued following a complaint from Kampung Sungai Kembong Hulu chief Salim Zainudin.

This illegal dump was found along the bank of the Beranang River.

This illegal dump was found along the bank of the Beranang River.

Although the authorities assured him that the water in the Beranang River was safe, he still hoped that something could be done about the smell of manure emanating from the ranch.

“The buffalo farm workers take the buffaloes to graze.

“Because the dung is on the road, it sticks to the tires of our vehicle,” complained Salim.

Datuk farm co-owner Abdul Astiaq Khan, who met StarMetro at the site, said the farm hoped to rectify the livestock manure problem within two months.

“The ranch is now home to up to 1,200 buffaloes and has been operating without a hitch for 18 years.

The pond the farm used to dispose of its wastewater has now been halved due to an ongoing development project.

The pond the farm used to dump its wastewater has now been cut in half due to an ongoing development project.

He said the farm is now in the process of constructing three new ponds to store drinking water for its livestock and to treat sewage.

Neither Zamri said Luas was monitoring the situation.

If the farm owner does not comply with Luas’ order to stop the discharge of effluent into the river, he will face legal action.