June 23, 2022

Bison farm of the ‘Mowgli Malaysia’ family declared a restricted area

KUALA TERENGGANU (Bernama): The Department of Veterinary Services of Terengganu has declared the buffalo farm belonging to the family of Muhammad Syukur Khamis at Kampung Banggol Katong near Serada here a no-go area.

Its director, Dr Mohd Termizi Ghazali, said the measure was taken under the Animal Law of 1953 (Law 647) which only allowed owners to enter the area, to prevent disease, considered a hemorrhagic septicemia, to spread to other areas.

“This is the department’s standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure that there is no movement of people and vehicles on the farm as this poses a risk of infection to livestock in other areas. areas.

“This farm has been closed as of today until the outbreak issue is resolved,” he said when contacted on Tuesday (September 15).

Meanwhile, a check carried out by Bernama at the farm revealed that the process of burying dead buffalo carcasses was still ongoing.

Muhammad Syukur – popularly known as “Mowgli Malaysia” or “Kampung Boy” after photos of him with the buffaloes went viral in 2015 – said five more buffaloes died on Tuesday morning, while six showed symptoms reviews.

“This morning I was even sadder because I saw a buffalo calf that was only one month old still suckling its dead mother … I don’t know how to describe the feeling of sadness and I was suffocated through emotion.

“For now, we really hope to find a way to save the buffaloes which are still healthy,” he said.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Syukur’s father Khamis Jusoh, 64, said they did not know how to isolate the still healthy buffaloes as suggested by the veterinary service due to space and time constraints. .

“It is difficult for me to quarantine the animals because there is no suitable place, moreover it is an open area …. and the buffaloes cannot be exposed to the strong heat, they will cross the fence to go to the neighboring rice fields.

“I really hope that healthy buffaloes can be saved with the expertise and skill of the veterinary service, but if not (and other deaths occur), I resign myself to the will of God,” he said. -he declares.

On Monday, media reported that 36 buffaloes belonging to the family of Muhammad Syukur, 15, died in stages from Wednesday, possibly due to hemorrhagic septicemia. – Bernama