September 28, 2022

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Which window protector is the best?

When it comes to child safety, many people think of doorknob guards, cabinet locks, and baby gates. However, windows can also present a dangerous tripping hazard, especially if children are able to climb on the windowsill. To keep curious children away from a risky situation, you need to install a window guard.

The Fairy Baby Kids Window Guard is an ideal way to protect youngsters from an accidental fall. Its modular design means you can extend it to reach particularly wide windows, and the mounting hardware uses pressure for installation instead of screws or drilling.

What to know before buying a window guard

The size of your window

You should carefully measure the dimensions of your window to ensure that the protection you choose will fit properly. Most guards can extend and therefore can fit a range of window sizes. Check that the height and width of your window are within the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your window is at the maximum allowable size, you may choose a larger unit to ensure a perfect fit.

Location of your window

Home safety product companies have designed window guards to prevent children from falling through windows. This is especially important if you have low windows or furniture nearby. Even if your windows are well above your child’s reach height, you may still want to consider adding them. Extra precautions can go a long way towards overall safety, and you can remove window guards as your child grows. Keep in mind that mosquito nets are not strong enough to prevent a child from pushing them or falling through them.

Animal safety

Window guards can also prevent pets from falling out of the window. Although the spacing between the slats does not prevent small animals from passing through, a properly installed protection can prevent large dogs from jumping out the window.

Local regulations

Some municipal and state jurisdictions have codes relating to window protections, which you must follow in order to avoid a fine. Carefully research the regulations in your city, as this will determine the type of window coverings you may need to install.

What to Look for in Quality Window Protection

Flexible size

Select a window guard that gives you the most flexibility for window size. This feature will make it easier for you to install the protection in the window you want and also allow you to use it on other windows. Having adjustable window protection means you may not have to buy another one if you move to another house or apartment.

Bar spacing

Pay particular attention to the spacing of the bars on your window protection. Bars with narrow spacing give you more security, but they block more light and can look like a cage. Wide spacing may allow children to throw toys out the window, or it may not prevent small pets from trying to fit through the window guard.

Emergency access

Most window guards use screws to ensure they stay securely attached. Although they can withstand the pressure of energetic children, it also means that they are time consuming and inconvenient to remove. If your guard is on a window that opens to a fire escape or emergency exit in your home, you’ll want a model that has a hinge. A hinge will allow you to exit through the window when needed. You can also purchase a guard that stays in place with pressure mounting hardware, which you can loosen by hand if needed.

Lock Options

Some window guards with an emergency access hinge may also have room for a padlock. This feature can help you feel a sense of security, as it can deter people from trying to break into your home.

How much you can expect to spend on window protection

Window guard prices vary primarily based on size. Most models cost between $40 and $70, and even the largest window protectors rarely exceed $100.

Window Guard FAQs

Will a window guard prevent crime?

A. Although the presence of a window guard may deter someone from attempting to enter your home, they are not specifically designed as security devices. If crime prevention is your number one priority, you’ll probably want to invest in bars for your window instead of a railing designed for child safety.

Are the window guards permanent?

A. You can anchor window guards to your window frame or wall using screws or mounting hardware, making them semi-permanent. Delete them as desired, but your window sill may need some minor touch-ups and painting.

Can I mount window protection horizontally or vertically?

A. Some window guards only mount horizontally, while others allow you to mount them vertically. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and keep in mind that horizontal bars can be a potential climbing hazard.

What is the best window guard to buy?

Upper window guard

Fairy Baby Window Guards for Kids

What do you want to know: You can install this window guard horizontally or vertically, and it comes in multiple pieces to fit most windows.

What you will love: This window screen uses pressure-mounted hardware to remain sturdy without the use of nails or drilling. It features close bar spacing to prevent small children and pets from getting their heads caught between the bars.

What you should consider: Pressure mounting hardware can cause more damage to paintwork and window frames than a screw.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top window protection for the money

Segal S 4752 Fixed Adjustable Child Safety Window Guard

Segal S 4752 Fixed Adjustable Child Safety Window Guard

What do you want to know: Available in three colors, this affordable window protector matches almost any aesthetic.

What you will love: Available in six sizes, this window guard accommodates a wide range of window sizes. The three modern colors give your window an elegant look when attached.

What you should consider: Do not install this window guard in a bedroom or any area where you may need emergency access to the window. It is a fixed unit with no hinge or release mechanism.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Grisham 4 Bar Window Guard

Grisham 4 Bar Window Guard

What do you want to know: You can install this window guard with a swivel design for emergency access.

What you will love: With included tamper-proof screws and steel construction, this window guard is a versatile solution for anyone looking to protect children or pets. It can be installed as a fixed unit or with a swing-out design to allow emergency opening.

What you should consider: Only available in black.

Or buy: Sold by Home Depot

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