September 28, 2022

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What is the best basket of Valetine?

Tired of giving away the same old candy and gift box for Valentine’s Day? When you upgrade to a Valentine’s Day basket, your recipient can enjoy a treasure trove of candies, snacks, or gourmet items.

Besides being show-worthy with fancy packaging, Valentine’s Day baskets are also practical. They hold a multitude of indulgences and their lovely baskets can often be reused. The Godiva Decadence Gift Basket, for example, is one of the main assortments and arrives in an elegant red and gold box.

What to know before buying a Valentine’s Day basket

What’s in a Valentine’s Day basket?

In the past, gift baskets usually contained candy, fruit, or treats. These days the sky is the limit. That means there’s a high chance you’ll find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift basket for any recipient, including the hard-to-buy one.

  • gourmet baskets, often themed according to cuisine or flavor profile, offer specialty food products.
  • Spa baskets contain a multitude of personal care items, including body washes, face masks or bathrobes.
  • comforting baskets include go-to foods for enjoyable meals at home, like chicken soup or favorite snacks.
  • Wine themed baskets may include one or more bottles of wine accompanied by wine glasses, cheese boards or chocolate.

Popular variants

In its purest form, a Valentine’s Day basket is wrapped in a basket, whether wicker, pewter, wood or leather. Luxury boxed assortments are often placed in the category of gift baskets because the only thing that differs between them and baskets is the type of receptacle. A few gift sets are packaged in quirky or unique containers, including mailboxes, planters, and luggage.

What to Look for in a Quality Valentine’s Day Basket

Delivery options

When ordering a Valentine’s Day gift basket from retailers such as Amazon or Macy’s, you won’t be able to select delivery dates. Instead, your options for a delivery window are based on the cost you’re willing to pay for shipping. So if you’re planning on picking one up from these retailers, shop early so it arrives in time for Valentine’s Day.

You can also purchase a Valentine’s Day gift basket from a company that specializes in baskets, such as 1-800-Flowers, if you want it delivered on a particular day. While these companies offer specific day-ahead shipping options, you’ll pay a premium to have the cart delivered during off-peak hours or holidays.

Decorative packaging

What sets Valentine’s Day gift baskets apart is the decorative packaging. Depending on the design, the baskets can feature popular Valentine’s Day colors, such as red, pink, and white. Other baskets may have more intricate wrapping with heart and rose inspired accents. A few baskets even come with banners or signs reading “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Insulated packaging

Some food-themed Valentine’s Day gift baskets ship in insulated packaging, which may include polystyrene containers or ice packs. This most often happens with baskets containing fresh fruit or foods that can melt or spoil, such as chocolate, cheese, and meat. Fortunately, insulated packaging is usually included in the regular shipping price.

How much you can expect to spend on a Valentine’s Day basket

Smaller Valentine’s Day baskets with fewer branded items are around $30, but if you’re looking for a high-end assortment, be prepared to spend $75 to $150. Luxury and specialty Valentine’s Day gift baskets that include high-end food, wine and accessories can cost up to $350.

Valentine’s Day Basket FAQ

How do I know if a Valentine’s Day basket has been delivered?

A. This varies by retailer. Some companies send shipping updates and even let you know the exact time the cart was delivered. Others only provide delivery confirmation. However, if you cannot view your order information online, you can contact the retailer directly for status updates.

What are some popular Valentine’s Day baskets for kids?

A. Snack baskets remain popular with children, teens and college students. Movie night themed baskets are welcomed as they often come with popcorn and gourmet candy. There are also simple gift baskets that include stuffed animals and candies.

What are the best Valentine’s Day baskets to buy?

Valentine’s Day Basket Top

Godiva Decadence Gift Basket

What do you want to know: This assortment includes 10 of the famous chocolatier’s most popular products, including truffles.

What you will love: It is packaged in a red and gold tin basket that is easily reused. The assortment includes a mix of regular and personal size varieties, and it has a well-balanced mix of milk, dark and white chocolate.

What you should consider: It’s expensive and may not be ideal for someone who prefers a specific type of chocolate.

Or buy: Sold by 1-800-Flowers

Best Valentine’s Day Basket for the Money

Cravebox Valentine's Day Care Package

Cravebox Valentine’s Day Care Package

What do you want to know: An affordable option, this 45-piece grooming set includes classic favorite treats from popular snack brands.

What you will love: The package includes individual, portion-sized pieces, making it ideal for everyday snacks, bagged lunches, or road trips. Apart from snacks, it includes a few varieties of chocolate and cookies. All parts are fresh and expiration dates are far away.

What you should consider: The assortment does not include nutrient-dense pieces, such as protein bars or dried fruit.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Wine Country Gift Baskets The Gourmet Choice Italian Basket

Wine Country Gift Baskets The Gourmet Choice Italian Basket

What do you want to know: If you know someone who loves gourmet snacks, this Italian assortment includes over a dozen delicious treats.

What you will love: The basket is beautiful, with a burgundy theme and a stylish tote. It includes snacks made by popular brands, such as Nonni and Hammond’s. The basket is carefully packaged to avoid damage during transport.

What you should consider: Some people have noted that the basket looks very different in person.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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