May 18, 2022

As COVID-19 cases rise, Chicago’s mask warrant will remain for restaurants and bars

Ever since Governor JB Pritzker teased the state that he would like to eliminate the indoor mask mandate by Thanksgiving, restaurant and bar owners have been waiting for an update. With the drop in mercury and the end of summer time, patio-related activities have predictably plummeted. However, the first feedback from health experts in the fall shows that the mandate will not be banned any time soon. The mask’s mandate was reinstated in August.

Although the number of COVID-19 declined in September and October, November saw an increase. Axios reports that From October 21 to November 4, Chicago’s daily rate jumped 32%. The city’s daily case average, as of Tuesday, stands at 382.

It’s bad news to get rid of the mask mandate, as Chicago Department of Health Commissioner Dr Allison Arwady told Axios the city’s average daily workload is expected to drop to less than 200 for two weeks to consider lifting the requirement. Arwady blames the colder weather forcing more people inside, giving the virus a greater opportunity to spread. Elsewhere across the country in warmer southern states, local authorities have removed indoor mask requirements in places like Atlanta.

Chicago winters are a boon for delivery and take out under normal circumstances. However, bars do substantial business during the colder months. Business owners say they are frustrated and tired. They warn Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot that they don’t want state and local authorities to prematurely lift the mask’s warrant, then bring it back after a few weeks or months. City and state immunization rates will influence these decisions. The city’s goal is 77 percent, to match the number of neighborhoods in Chicago. The good news is the city is close as the latest figures show 65% of Chicagoans 12 years of age or older have received at least one dose.

And there is good news for restaurants that cater to families like pizza restaurants and diners who have seen their business plummet with parents reluctant to bring in their unvaccinated children. As children finally qualify for vaccines, Chicago public schools join the leaders like Big Bird by encouraging young people to get vaccinated. The CPS canceled classes on Friday to give students more time for vaccinations. Yes, Mr. Rodgers, “immune” – at least in this case – means the same as “vaccinated”.

Starbucks accused of union breakdown

Starbucks tried to block a union election just days before workers at three Buffalo, New York-area stores voted on whether to unionize, according to the New York Times. Supporters of management and unions have turned to the National Labor Relations Board – the former previous appeal judgment on election logistics; the latter alleging a pattern of intimidation and threats from the company. Former CEO Howard Schultz, the chain’s largest shareholder, raised eyebrows at a volunteer meeting with workers when he compared the company’s ethics to that of Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust who shared meager resources despite extreme circumstances. A similar saga recently unfolded in Chicago as Colectivo Coffee, the Wisconsin-based chain with five Chicago-area branches, spent more than a year in a controversial battle with workers over organizing efforts. . In August, pro-union workers prevailed and became the largest unionized workforce in an American coffee chain.

Lakeview bistro finally unveils its wine list

After months of unlicensed operation, the charming French-Canadian bistro Dear Margaret has finally has secured the means to serve the wine. Veteran sommelier Terry McNeese has compiled a comprehensive list of 40 bottles and 15 glasses. While the restaurant waited, McNeese worked as a waiter.

Kumiko’s star bartender releases new book on Japanese cocktails

Julia Momose, the acclaimed bartender behind Japanese restaurant and bar Kumiko in West Loop, released her new book on Tuesday The way of the cocktail. A native of Japan who grew up in Nara Prefecture, Momose carved out a place for himself among the city’s top cocktail experts working at Alinea Group The Aviary and GreenRiver bar before opening Kumiko. In the book, she takes on a poetic tone while delving into Japan’s vast history, philosophy and cocktail culture, according to the Tribe.

Kilwins workers demand transfers after Hyde Park shooting

No one was injured after gunmen shot at storefronts and cars parked in the 1500 block of East 53rd Street in Hyde Park. Hyde Park Herald was talking with the owner of the local Kilwins which was closed during the incident. Sweet Shop co-owner Janel Jackson said her six employees have asked to be moved to other locations “because they no longer feel safe.” Jackson says it could affect his decision to extend his lease. Kilwins has been open in Hyde Park since 2012.

Todd Ricketts is stepping down as RNC

Todd Ricketts has resigned as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, has served as president since 2018, according to Tribune. The Ricketts family, through their development group, Hickory Street Capital, were responsible for building the Zachary and Gallagher Way hotels and restaurants (Big Star, Smoke Daddy, Mordecai) across the street and in front of Wrigley Field. .

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