November 24, 2022

Another Buffalo restaurant closure?

One of the cool things about Western New York is the different food scenes. Buffalo as a whole is known for its local cuisine, but it’s a different vibe, depending on which part of the Buffalo area you visit.

Hamburg has its own food scene. East Aurora also has its own. The west side of Buffalo is another and, of course, Elmwood Avenue is also unique.

My grandparents lived on Highland Avenue near Elmwood so I used to spend a lot of time there. I also went to Buffalo State College so I don’t spend time on the Elmwood food scene.

One of the traditions of Elmwood Ave. was to go to the Great Wall. I first went here with my dad when we went there for Chinese food while staying with my grandparents.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Great Wall is closed.

According to Gutter Magic on Twitter, which was retweeted by Buffalo Eats, Great Wall has closed.

This appears the owners have retired and the restaurant will eventually reopen with a new identity.

The restaurant’s google listing says “temporarily closed” so hopefully that means it will reopen soon to some extent.

Everyone has a Chinese restaurant, a hamburger restaurant, an Italian restaurant, etc. where he always likes to go for lunch or dinner; for many it was the Great Wall of Elmwood.

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