September 28, 2022

After finding out that Ryan Fitzpatrick was in attendance last night for the New England Buffalo beat, I think sports betting should refund Pats bettors – Ryan Fitzpatrick, though actively playing elsewhere in the NFL, hasn’t been shy about his love for the Buffalo Bills.

Fitzpatrick, 39, has made numerous saves in his NFL career as a journeyman QB in addition to Buffalo. The veteran played for the St. Louis Rams, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and was the starting QB for the Washington Football Team in 2021 before suffering a hip subluxation at the season opener. Despite calling several cities home, Fitzpatrick said this summer nothing compares to Buffalo.

“I’ve loved a lot of places I’ve played – really – but nothing compares to the city of Buffalo,” Fitzpatrick told Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take. “Not even close.”

On Saturday, Fitzpatrick showed it wasn’t just talk as he attended the Bills’ first home playoff game at full capacity in 25 years. To make it even better, Fitzpatrick sat in the stands among the Bills Mafia with his kids to enjoy the atmosphere despite the freezing weather.

Fans shared photos on social media with Fitzpatrick saying he took photos with everyone who asked.

You know how the NFL has asked its teams to list all injuries on the injury report each week so fans ‘can stay on top of competitive play’ and certainly not because of the implications of the game (wink) ?

Well, Ryan Fitzpatrick being present at the abortion of a football game last night should have been listed somewhere.

I’m not saying the injury report obviously, but I feel like bettors should have been aware of this before dropping any money on Patriots +5.

That handsome bearded bastard being there, mixing single digits with Bills Mafia, slamming Labatt Blues and watching Josh Allen move the ball at will, it all goes hand in hand.

It was a warning sign, a “red herring” if you will, that the public should have known about before kick-off, not the next day.

But seriously, how can you not love this guy?

Guy played for Buffalo for four years, traveled, and is now on the Washington football team.

Yet he still lives in Western New York in his heart and loves the Bills and their fans. Guy underwent hip surgery in December and could be on any beach, anywhere in the world. But no. He chose to take his kids to the Bills-Patriots game and sat outside with the fans, like a true man of the people, rather than in the suites where he easily could have been.

To like.