November 24, 2022

Actor says he was kicked out of Buffalo restaurant for wearing a hoodie

A New York-based actor-comedian accuses a Buffalo restaurant of racial discrimination.

Chris Jarell, 27, said on Twitter that he was kicked out of Bada Bing in Chippewa for wearing a black hoodie on Friday. He was told the hoodies were against the dress code, but found no such review on the restaurant’s website – and saw a white customer inside wearing a hoodie with no issues .

“I was asked to leave a restaurant in Buffalo, New York called #BadaBing because of my dress code; there are no hoodies allowed! I calmly pointed out to the owners that other people are wearing hoodies. He said ‘f — me’ and told me not to come back, “Jarell tweeted.

Jarell told WKBW that he was in Buffalo for the first time to shoot an independent film. He was wearing a hoodie because he had just left the gym and was heading to the restaurant to have dinner and bring it back to his hotel room.

The manager of Bada Bing told WKBW that Jarell had not been kicked out and said the restaurant does not allow customers to enter with hoodies or flip flops after 7 p.m. before 7 and Jarell arrived after the policy was applied.

“Our weekend door policy is extremely strict in Bada Bing, as Chippewa Street is an active street that has seen fist fights and all-out brawls. Our dress code is a selection to ensure safety people in our establishment. It’s not a “buzzword” to keep Bada Bing white, “a statement said on the restaurant’s official Facebook page.

“The fact that a white person was wearing a hoodie in the restaurant (at a table) was both a reflection of the team change, as well as part of the story, it was not selective application, and we are sorry that was not explained to the gentlemen. As a sports bar, we understand that people wear their hoodies for FIFA, NFL, NIKE, NBA, NHL etc. games on Sunday after – midday in the fall or a night game with the Sabers as we are a popular pre-game destination. We don’t determine the dress code based on skin color. Racism is horrible. We hate it. . Everyone is welcome to BING. “

According to WKBW, the post was later deleted and replaced with a shorter statement on Tuesday.

“Bada Bing Property has been made aware of the allegations made against one of our employees and we have started a full investigation into the facts surrounding the incident. We take these allegations very seriously and if they are proven we will take all of them. the steps necessary to deal with the problem. We value all of our customers and want the community to know that we do not tolerate racial or ethnic prejudice of any kind whatsoever. “

Jarell is a native of Philadelphia who moved to New York City to pursue a career as an actor and comedian. He appeared in the 2015 Queen Latifah-produced film “Brotherly Love”, Donald Glover’s FX series “Atlanta” and the VH1 television show “The Breaks”.

He told WKBW that he received invitations from several other Buffalo restaurants after his social media post about Bada Bing went viral.

“I feel bad. The last thing I wanted was for people to think I’m racist. I think both sides caused the situation,” Bada Bing’s manager told the TV station.