January 14, 2022

5 Twin Falls restaurants that didn’t hit the New Years Eve

As we approach 2022, we are beginning to return to some of the best and worst moments of the year. There was a lot of growth in the region with new businesses and new restaurants that have joined the community. Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to some restaurants.

We have a list of five Twin Falls restaurants that have not arrived until 2022. If I am missing, please let me know so I can add them to the list. I’m pretty sad that we had to say goodbye to these places.

  • 1

    Rita’s cafe and restaurant

    They were located in downtown Twin Falls, in a place that never seems to be able to succeed. Parking is difficult there but the food at Rita’s was excellent. You can take homemade frozen meals home or buy fresh salads and sandwiches. Hopefully they will make a comeback next year.

  • 2

    Sweet burrito

    Located in Twin Falls near Capriotti’s, it has somehow faded into silence. I ate a lot. They have pretty epic burritos. My favorite was the burrito White Chick. I am sad that he had to disappear.

  • 3

    The gyroscope shop

    It was also located in downtown Twin Falls. They had great food options and genuine gyros. I’m not sure there is another place in the area that serves them now. I’ll have to try to find one, but I hope this place comes back.

  • 4

    Italian grilled meat with tomatoes

    Everyone seemed to love Tomato’s so much. It had been in Twin Falls for over 20 years after all. Last week it was open, it was full of people. The food was always good. I am patiently waiting for the cookbook they suggested to publish.

  • 5

    Naz kitchen

    La Maison des Kebabs was only open for about 18 months. According to their Facebook page, they are temporarily closed due to understaffing. They just can’t seem to hire and keep anyone. I really hope this place makes a full comeback as it is a place that I haven’t been able to try yet.

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