September 28, 2022

12 Best Places to Stay Along the Bourbon Trail

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    • The Master Suite, Louisville

    • River City Loft, Louisville

    • Neighborhoods of Cassius, Louisville

    • The Clubhouse, Shepherdsville

    • Le Havre on Hill Avenue, Owensboro

    • Bourbon Trail Cottage, Bardstown

    • Huston House, Bardstown

    • Downtown Residence, Lebanon

    • D’Ville Cottage, Danville

    • The Green Cabin on the Bourbon Trail, Lawrenceburg

    • Gratz Park Square, Lexington

    • Iconic Downtown Mansion, Lexington

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    When it comes to planning a trip, choosing the perfect destination can be tricky, especially if you’ve been lucky enough to have spent enough time on the beach to be ready to find something new. So let me ask you this… do you like Bourbon? If so, a trip to Kentucky to experience the Bourbon Trail may be on the cards.

    The Bourbon Trail gives travelers the opportunity to visit several cities in the Commonwealth of Kentucky while exploring the birthplace of bourbon, with plenty of reasonably priced places to stop along the way. If you’re looking for help navigating your way, researching different distilleries to discover, or simply looking for more information on the Bourbon Trail before hitting the road, we’ve got you covered! Once you’re ready to roll, check out one of twelve options we’ve selected to push you along the Bourbon Trail on your journey through the Bluegrass State. These rental suggestions are primarily for couples, but you’ll notice a few more substantial options towards the end of the trail, in case you’ve made some friends along the way!

    Vacation Rentals in Louisville, Kentucky

    The Master Suite, Louisville

    Rent now$174/mo per night

    The master suite is a newly renovated studio located on the second floor of 713 in Louisville. See the historic building overlooking Main Street through the incredible floor-to-ceiling windows. This comfortable unit has a single sleeping area and is accessible to people with reduced mobility. A perfect place to start your Bourbon Trail tour, The Main Suite is close to bourbon tours, museums, the Center for the Arts, and more. Updated and ready for you, be sure to check out the photos!

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Bathrooms : 1

    Sleeping: 2

    River City Loft, Louisville

    Rent now$150/mo per night

    Since you will no doubt find the need for a second night in Louisville, the River City Loft could be the ideal 925 square foot place for you. This one bedroom loft is in the heart of downtown Louisville and within walking distance to shops, restaurants, bars and more. Enjoy free parking in the secure car park.

    Bedrooms: 1

    Bathrooms : 1

    Sleeping: 2

    Neighborhoods of Cassius, Louisville

    Rent now$790/avg per night

    Look, there’s a lot of places to visit in Louisville, okay? Now it’s day three – you’re still in Louisville, still on the Bourbon Trail, and your tour group is growing. No problem! With four bedrooms and space for 10 or more people, Cassius Quarters is exactly what you would expect on Historic West Main. This space is beautiful, spacious and you will love the view of the river from the private balcony. This apartment has six steps from the front of the building to the back, so take note if you have mobility issues.

    Bedrooms: 4

    Bathrooms : 3

    Sleeping: 13

    Vacation Rentals in Shepherdsville, Kentucky

    The Clubhouse, Shepherdsville

    Rent now$143/avg per night

    When your Bourbon Trail trip takes you to Shepherdsville, The Clubhouse is the ideal place to relax. With an open floor plan and 10 foot ceilings, this home has all the amenities you need and is conveniently located near restaurants and attractions. There are Bourbon Trail stops and wineries nearby. Questions? Your hosts are Louisville natives – don’t hesitate to ask!

    Bedrooms: 3

    Bathrooms : 2

    Sleeping: 6

    Vacation Rentals in Owensboro, Kentucky

    Vacation Rentals in Bardstown, Kentucky

    Bourbon Trail Cottage, Bardstown

    Rent now$125/mo per night

    The Gîte du Sentier Bourbon is a unique cottage nestled in the woods along the Bourbon Trail just outside of Bardstown. Enjoy the queen-size bed, propane fireplace, outdoor fireplace, high-speed internet and many more amenities. Everything is minutes away from Jim Beam Distillery, Four Roses Bourbon Warehouse and Bottling Tour, and more! Bardstown is a bit more rural than other places, so be sure to read about the area so that you are better prepared for your visit.

    Bedrooms: 1

    Bathrooms : 1

    Sleeping: 2

    Huston House, Bardstown

    Rent now$224/mo per night

    Stay in Bardstown one more night? Explore Houston House! Steps from historic Main Street, this two-story townhouse is in the heart of downtown Bardstown. You’ll love the private yard, full-size garage, and many other amenities that give you tons of relaxation after a day of touring the distillery. Book this one soon!

    Bedrooms: 2

    Bathrooms : 2

    Sleeping: 4

    Vacation Rentals In Lebanon, Kentucky

    Downtown Residence, Lebanon

    Check latest price$150/mo per night

    Next stop — Lebanon! Well, maybe not your next stop (go in whatever order you choose!), but a stop nonetheless. The town center mansion is located in the heart of downtown Lebanon, less than an hour from eight Bourbon Trail distilleries. When staying at this three-bedroom, handicap-accessible home (no steps to enter the house), you are within walking distance of several restaurants. This spacious home is sure to impress!

    Bedrooms: 5

    Bathrooms : 2

    Sleeping: 8

    Vacation Rentals in Danville, Kentucky

    D’Ville Cottage, Danville

    Rent now$205/mo per night

    When your Bourbon Trail trip reaches Danville, the D’Ville Cottage is sure to blow your mind. This quaint cottage near downtown Danville is within walking distance of many restaurants and historic downtown attractions. Ideally located for Bourbon Trail travelers, the Wilderness Trail Distillery is just one mile from Danville, with several other famous distillers within an hour. It’s a good place!

    Bedrooms: 3

    Bathrooms : 3

    Sleeping: 6

    Vacation Rentals in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

    The Green Cabin on the Bourbon Trail, Lawrenceburg

    Rent now$195/avg per night

    Not far from Danville is Lawrenceburg, where you can enjoy a relaxing stay at the Green Cabin — located in the heart of bourbon and horse country. This charming spot, set on 9 acres, is near Wild Turkey, Four Roses and Buffalo Trace distilleries on the Bourbon Trail. After enjoying the area, return to the cabin and enjoy the hot tub, gas fireplace, or relax on the three-quarter wrap-around deck. This one is a beauty – be sure to check it out!

    Bedrooms: 2

    Bathrooms : 2

    Sleeping: 6

    Vacation Rentals in Lexington, Kentucky

    Gratz Park Square, Lexington

    Rent now$1,225/avg per night

    In case you made it all the way to Lexington on your Bourbon Trail adventure and made lots of friends along the way, Gratz Park Place is the ideal place for you and your group of up to 12 people. In a neighborhood filled with Lexington’s oldest and finest homes, this gorgeous rental is sure to impress. A short drive from many attractions, this home is beautiful and inviting – definitely worth the trip!

    Bedrooms: 6

    Bathrooms : 5

    Sleeping: 12

    Iconic Downtown Mansion, Lexington

    Rent now$1,575/avg per night

    Another great rental option in Lexington, this iconic downtown mansion offers 6,000 square feet of stunning architecture with a towering turret on nearly an acre of land. Featuring 12 foot ceilings, this beautiful historic gem is within walking distance of many restaurants and bars. If your Bourbon Trail adventure ends in Lexington, this huge house offers the perfect exclamation point for your trip. You have to see the photos, they come straight out of the movies!

    Bedrooms: 5

    Bathrooms : 5

    Sleeping: 12

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