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News Failure and delay on the long-distance bus: These rights have travelers

News Failure and delay on the long-distance bus: These rights have travelers News always well informed

Monday, 26.10.15 , written by Kathrin Staats Bus travel boom. Last year alone, around 16 million passengers used long-distance buses to get from A to B. However, many travelers do not know their rights in the event of an accident, delay or breakdown. An EU Regulation regulates the rights of long-distance bus travelers, currently informs ZDF WISO. >  Bus travel boom: The train gets competition

Long-distance buses are absolutely trendy: For many people, they are a cheaper, more convenient alternative to the train or to travel by car. Since the long-distance bus market was designed three years ago, the number of users is increasing steadily. According to the Federal Statistical Office, as early as the first year of 2013, around 8.2 million travelers used the long-distance bus service. In 2014, the number of passengers almost doubled.

Accordingly, 16 million passengers were carried by companies based in Germany, such as MeinFernbus or FlixBus, BerlinLinienBus, Postbus (formerly ADAC Postbus). But a majority of travelers do not know their rights when the bus is delayed, the journey is canceled or a breakdown occurs. This regulates the EU Regulation 181/2011. ZDF WISO clarifies therefore in the current tip over the passenger rights of coach passengers.

Delay on long-distance bus: length of the route crucial

Long-distance scheduled services increased by just under 96 percent in 2014, while Deutsche Bahn reported a loss of 1.8 percent in the same year. Despite the current boom, many long-distance bus travelers do not know that they have the same rights in the event of delays, accidents or breakdowns as, for example, train drivers. However, this only applies if the planned route is at least 250 kilometers .

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Claims for refund in case of delay or cancellation of the long-distance bus journey

In case of a delay of the long-distance bus over 30 minutes or a cancellation of the journey , the companies are legally obliged to inform the passenger , informs ZDF WISO. In many cases, customers are not notified of a delay on the spot. However, they can often deposit a phone number when booking, so vendors notify their customers via message.

If the trip is overbooked or the departure is delayed by more than two hours, the passenger has two options. Either he can continue his journey as soon as possible under comparable conditions without additional charge. Or he waives his already booked trip and gets the fare back in full within 14 days. If the company does not offer the passenger both options, they will be entitled to compensation of 50% of the fare in addition to the reimbursement .

Tip: In the event that passengers wish to claim, they should have their delays confirmed in writing by the bus driver or employee of the company.

Delayed arrival at the destination: Do passengers get their money back?

Passengers can only assert claims if the departure time is not complied with and the route is over 250 kilometers . If the long-distance bus has departed in good time, but arrives late due to traffic jams or bad weather conditions at the destination, the passenger can not claim reimbursements or compensation.

Even with breakdowns : no reimbursement. If the bus remains on the road, the carrier must ensure that the journey continues or that the passengers are dropped off at a suitable point from where they can continue their journey.

Clear rights in case of traffic accidents

For traffic accidents, the EU regulation also provides for a clear regulation for passengers. For example, if a passenger injured in an accident during the bus or death, can be claimed against the provider claims in the amount of 220,000 euros . In case of loss or damage of baggage due to an accident, bus companies are also liable. Accordingly, the passenger can claim compensation of up to € 1,200 per piece of luggage .

How can long-distance coach passengers claim?

If passengers want to file a complaint , they have three months to contact the provider directly. As a result, the company has four weeks to respond . If customers are not satisfied with the response of the coach company or if the complaint remains unsuccessful, ZDF WISO advises itself to contact the Federal Railway Authority or the Public Procurement Authority (SÖP).

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